Scam And Scheme Free Advertising For Your Business Web Site

But there are loads of offline and online approaches to find free or inexpensive advertising without joining these items and having a backed up inbox or getting your email address splattered all over the web for any desperate advertiser to contact. And here are a few.

Magnetic signs:
How often have you ever seen a car that clearly belongs to a realtor or a plumber with their ad on the side of it? This is a nice and inexpensive means to become a rolling billboard to your web business, wherever you go.

How often have you seen a shopping mall or center and came out to your car to find something on the windshield? This is a fantastic idea, but in some towns and parking lots it may be illegal to do so, so check it out with the company and you local city office .

Free enterprise:
Many convenient stores, drug stores and grocery stores, etc. have bulletin boards it is possible to place flyers on. And if not, some can even allow you to put a flyer ad in their window. Just be sure and ask .

Free online classifieds:
There are plenty of free classified ad sites online, some you need to register for, others you do not. Simply write your ad and keep it on your computer then simply join, copy and paste your ad every where you’ll get a free classified site online.

Link exchanges:
I know lots of people already know about it, but some newbies to the web actually do not, and I have visited lots of new websites that aren’t doing so yet. So if you are new to the internet and have a website, join a link exchange website and start a links page and go to town trading links with other small business web sites! (This is also good for the search engines for link popularity)

Business cards:
I know many already do so, but sometimes it slips our minds to hand a card to the convenient store clerk or the person behind the counter at the dry cleaners. Also put them on the bulletin board in the break rooms of manufacturing firms. You can also set them on counters (after asking) in shops or businesses that might be relevant to your company (for example if you sell home decor or furniture, place them on the counter of an insurance carrier or a real estate agency). But do not expect a clothing shop to set them on their counter should you sell jeans and tops, they’re your opponents (sacrilege!) .

Have a t-shirt printed up with a small ad and web address for your company on the back of it, since it’ll be seen better than on the front. People are always looking at others as they walk away or if they are standing in line behind you at a checkout counter or in the bank. You might even have some printed up for friends and loved ones. But make it a cool color that will go with a fantastic pair of shorts or jeans so people won’t hate to wear.

I’ve heard (and seen) that many companies have their name printed on pencils. Personally, I am not real crazy about this, because I myself hardly ever really read the pen I am writing with. But that does not mean nobody does. So I leave this one up for you.

Bumper stickers:
Have a bumper sticker with a smart quip or saying composed and move them around to your friends. The car behind them at the stoplight will no doubt read it.
If you consider it long enough, you can think of all sorts of other ideas such as this. Just ensure if it involves other companies or their property, always ask! Since the last thing you need is to be embarrassed or humiliated! Very good luck!

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