Sauces Used in Asian Cooking

The sauces used in cooking can be intimidating and confusing when standing at the grocery store. Here’s a simple guide to aid with what flavors are located in every sauce and what dishes these sauces work best in.

– Soy Sauce: This is a brown sauce with a sour flavor. It’s available in lite in addition to original. It’s an all-purpose sauce that blends well with fish and cabbage.
– Fish Sauce: This sauce can be intimidating believing it will provide a strong fish taste to dishes. The brown sauce is more powerful in scent than in taste. It’s often utilised in Southeastern Asian and Thailand dishes.
– Oyster Sauce: This oyster flavored sauce is strong in flavor and lends itself nicely to noodles in addition to meat, seafood and vegetables. Begin with a small amount as the taste can be overpowering.
– Chili Sauce: This sauce can be spicy or mild. It’s frequently used as a condiment somewhat like ketchup or salsa. It can be inserted at the end of a stir fry to provide the stir fry an additional bit of spice.
– Sesame Oil: This is a really mild flavored oil that’s used in trendy dishes to enhance the background taste. When heated the oil looses most of its taste.
– Rice Wine: This is a strong vinegar kind wine which may be utilised in dressings or in hot dishes. It blends nicely with sesame oil and simmer for an easy sauce.
– Star Anise: This spice is a mixture spice as common as cinnamon. It’s best used with poultry or beef.

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